Seeing Granny’s from the outside in


The Granny’s Garden School Blog will include some of the many people who make it all possible.  We are beginning with reviews written by students who got involved with our organization through a Service Learning Class at University of Cincinnati. Their professor asked them to write about their visit and reflect on what they learned.

Posted by  Olumayowa Daniel 
On arriving at Granny’s Garden, I thought our group was going to an office. I expected to walk through a garden but was surprised at what I was looking at when we got to “the office”. We were welcomed by granny and ushered into a “conference room”. I was sure I was in someone’s home. We needed chairs and I was told to get the one in the laundry room. I saw what is expected in a laundry room: laundry!  As we sat down for the meeting, I thought out loud: “We’re in an office, a house and a garden…at the same time!” I liked the place already.

This experience reminded me of the fact that a good portion of my life will be spent on my career. I found that when life, career & dreams come together, they make something beautiful. Whether it’s a garden or a lot of smiling children (or both), there’s one word I would use to summarize it: fulfilment. What I took away from this is that career and life fulfilment ought to collide. We don’t have to and shouldn’t sacrifice one for the other. When work beings to enhance life, retirement appears to lose relevance. 

Posted by David Luria

Roberta looked at me and, noting my Bearcats shirt, said, “Bearcat, come here”….I followed her to a patch of green. She asked me what I saw. If I were being honest, I could’ve said I saw some plants. All I saw was a green area with vague plant shapes. I fumbled around for an answer until she snatched some snow peas from right in front of me. I didn’t even notice them and they were right in front of my face.

During the meeting in her house, “Granny” Roberta emphasized the importance of her Garden to the kids in that it allowed them to “see with new eyes”. Although I understood what she meant on a conceptual level, it didn’t click with me until the moment that I described above. I have never personally owned a garden in my life, and that showed when I tried to pick out the snow peas. I didn’t have the experience to allow me to see with those “eyes” that she was talking about. Having Granny’s Garden gives Loveland’s children a chance to get to know plants and gardens personally and have an experience that I have yet to have. This solidifies the importance of Granny’s Garden School to me and it’s amazing that she’s giving these children the opportunity to “see with new eyes”.