Thank you to members of the community who are stepping up ensure Granny’s Garden School is there for kids today and tomorrow.



Supporters launched a GoFundMe site to ensure the program is here for kids today. The short-term goal is to raise $5,000 before the end of the month. Donations can also be mailed to Granny’s Garden School, 20 Miamiview Drive, Loveland, OH 45140



A task force is forming to help prepare the organization to transition to a new director in the next two years.  Some critical pieces will soon be in place i.e.


Princeton City Schools is generously allowing GGS to lease their former nature trail center for $1 per year. So within the year, we will move the center of operations from Granny’s home into the center.






Thank you


This week, Molly Swaine’s special education class at Loveland High School will begin packaging seeds for the elementary school students to plant in their gardens.   Loveland High School students have been packaging most of our seeds for about six years. Individual seed packets allow each child to have a package of seeds to plant which saves valuable time during garden class.


JBM Envelope, a family owned company in Lebanon, donates 4,000 coin envelopes each year for the project. On Facebook? Please say, “Thank you.” to JMB. Located in Lebanon, JBM is a family owned business started by Greg Sheanshang in 1985. Thank you to Lori Christen and Dan Puthoff for helping to get the envelopes delivered.


Good News!

GGS was awarded two grants of $2,000 each from the Whole Foods Foundation, one for Loveland Early Childhood Center and one for Stewart Elementary in the Princeton School District. These funds will be used to purchase tools, a storage shed, and other supplies.


Way to go Joey Noertker working on his Eagle Scout project in the snow last week! We are so excited that the kids at Stewart Elementary in Princeton will not have to watch the deer eat most of their produce this year. Joey is a Sophomore at Princeton High School; he is with Troop 803. He is paying for the project with donations and by working a part-time job.



Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about Granny’s’ Garden School?  You are welcome to ask anything.


Someone asked what we do in the winterEvery business takes time at some point in the year to plan for the goals of the upcoming year – what needs to change, what needs developing, what do we need to get there.  We do that in winter.


Winter is our time to prepare for the upcoming season.  It’s time for writing grant proposals, planning for spring activities and the supplies and materials needed to support the lessons and activities happens, planning for what needs to happen to ready the gardens and trail for the spring season, planning for summer workshops and the Summer Harvester program, planning for the plant sale.


Spring planning means also looking at what needs to happen in summer so the right plants and materials are in place when the new school year starts in the fall. It’s heavy with planning because we need to know what we have and what we need in order to look for grants or in-kind donations of resources or people.   We prepare for and launch the amaryllis event in the classrooms.  This year LECC’s preschool classes and 9 kindergarten classes joined the activity.  At Stewart the fifth grade classes joined. These grades had not participated in the past so it meant developing new grade level lessons. Winter is when we update the website, develop new lessons and find ways to enhance ones from the previous year. And the list goes on.



Why does GGS have paid staff when other parent organizations are all volunteer? Granny’s Garden School is not a parent organization. We are a non-profit corporation that operates independently of the school district. We have paid staff in order to be able to consistently provide our service to the teachers who decide to participate.


Much like other non-profit organizations such as COSI, for example, we utilize a large number of volunteers to supplement our staff. Most parents are familiar with their “COSI in the Classroom” program. A COSI Educator will bring all the materials for a one-hour themed, 30-student workshops to your classroom (cost $170). Or you can have an exibit delivered to your school that is staffed by school volunteers for $990 per day.


All such organizations, like GGS, use thousands of volunteers but count on experienced, staff to manage and deliver quality service. Unlike COSI and other such programs, GGS does not charge schools for its services.