School gardens are a means for educating children and families about everything from health to science.” Jody Maher, Education Director, Granny’s Garden School.

Everyone’s favorite activity is harvesting and tasting.


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Weeding lesson.

Mission, Vision, Values– Granny’s Garden School develops and supports hands-on learning experiences for children through schoolyard-based garden and nature focused programs to help children experience nature, the satisfaction of growing their own food and to appreciate the simple pleasure of picking a flower.

Kids + magnifying glasses in the gardens = discovery

Who we are – Granny’s Garden School is a non-profit organization that develops and manages garden and nature based programs on school grounds. We remove obstacles that often prevent schools from offering outdoor education by providing infrastructure, personnel, volunteers, integrated curriculum and …

Creating a Schoolyard Nature Garden

What we do – Granny’s Garden School provides a complete package of services that include: Design, creation, installation, management and year-around maintenance of educational food and flower gardens, learning centers and nature trails on school grounds.  An educational package with …

It all started in Granny’s backyard.

History – In 2002, years ahead of the school garden movement that is now sweeping the globe, a grandmother approached the principal at her grandchildren’s grade school in Loveland, OH and asked permission to create a garden on the school grounds. This was the beginning of Granny’s Garden School.

A lesson in the Sunflower Reading Room.

Finances – Granny’s Garden School, though based on school grounds is not funded by the school district.  All services are provided free of charge to the district.  We are recognized as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organized by the United States Treasury and funded by donations, grants.

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