“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” (Confucius, 479 – 551 BC)

Granny’s Garden School is a non-profit organization that develops and manages garden and nature based programs on school grounds.  We remove obstacles that often prevent schools from offering outdoor education by providing infrastructure, personnel, volunteers, integrated curriculum and project management.  This allows us to turn school grounds into vibrant Schoolyard Nature Gardens with flowers, vegetables, gathering spaces, and a nature trail that serve as the background for experiential learning (experience as the source of learning and development).

We make formerly sterile  school grounds come alive with possibilities as they are used to enhance classroom study and become a magnet for encouraging greater community involvement and support.   We provide  garden educators who working with classroom teachers, use school grounds to provide students the opportunity to learn from real world experience by interacting with the natural world as part of their school day.

Our flagship program, founded in 2002 (with its 120 vegetable gardens, many flower gardens and two nature trails) serves all of Loveland’s nearly 1,600 first-fourth grade students (3 public schools). Our 20 week, in-school program makes it one of the largest and most comprehensive schoolyard based outdoor learning programs in the country.

With the addition of our satellite program at Stewart Elementary School in the Princeton School District in 2014, we now serve 2,000 students.  We hope to offer the program to all of Princeton’s elementary schools in the next five years.

What we do.