Granny’s Craft Room

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while.  I have my adopted granddaughter, Charlotte, almost every weekday and she loves being around the school kids.  Now that winter is settling in, and it’s getting too cold to garden, I’ve decided it’s time to give it a shot.

The most popular activities at our Harvest Celebrations each fall was Granny’s Craft Room.  It, like Granny’s Garden School, was inspired by my experience as my grandchildren’s granny nanny.  Back then, I had a room with shelves all around full of miscellaneous things the kids could use to create to their hearts’ content.  So, here’s the deal. I am opening Granny’s Craft Room Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-5 p.m., 11/28 & 11/30, 12/5 & 12/7.  Each day is limited to four children, 2nd – 4th grade, $10 per day per child.

Granny’s Craft Room is about children using their imaginations, using a variety of tools, material, and techniques and thinking outside the box.  For example, I believe children should learn to paint with quality brushes, not the 10 for $1 kind.  I am not a fan of stickers or foam shapes.  Though we will make many things, that is not the goal.  The goal is to learn new skills.  I want kids to learn how to sand a piece of wood, use a glue gun, try a wood burning tool, glass painting, simple sewing, use a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers.  How to use old water-based markers to make paint and tons of other stuff.

There is no prescribed lesson plan schedule.  Each day will be something different – a surprise adventure – but I guarantee the kids will learn something new and not be bored. Parents are welcome to stay and participate, but I cannot accommodate mobile siblings.

Register here if this is something that appeals to you.

Activities take place at the Granny office, 20 Miamiview Drive, 45140. 513-324-2873

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