GGS is a small, nonprofit with a staff of eleven (including two full time, and nine part-time seasonal employees (combined part-time seasonal equal to about 2.1 full time). This includes:

102-0-00-about-us-photo-album-daffodisCredit goes to Jody Maher, our Education Director for the development of our lesson plans, curriculum and seasonal calendars. Jody joined the program as a parent volunteer in 2002  Jody works full time hiring, training and managing a team of eight Garden Educators who work with the classroom teachers to deliver each lesson. During the winter she is designing new ways to enhance our current lesson plans and developing new lessons as standards change.  During the summer, she manages the Harvest Helper program and prepares for the coming school year.  She also leads training sessions for others who are starting school gardens and represents Granny’s at public speaking venues.


Patrice Burton our Garden Manager. Her primary responsibility is to manage the more than 1,000 corporate, college and high school volunteers who provide maintenance of the Schoolyard Nature Education Gardens. They provide more than 7,000 hours of labor; equal to 3.5 full-time employees, representing an annual operational savings of $70,000 per year at $10 per hour

Ev Coleman our Operations Manager – Ev is the hub of the organization. She does whatever it takes to keep us all on track by making sure each department has what it needs when it needs it.