We believe in investing in people and programs rather than stuff.” Roberta Paolo (Granny)


Granny’s Garden School develops and supports hands-on learning experiences for children through schoolyard-based, garden and nature focused programs.  We help children experience nature: the satisfaction of growing their own food and to appreciate the simple pleasure of picking a flower.


Granny’s Garden School is the catalyst for Schoolyards being turned into nature gardens with flower and vegetable gardens, nature trails and providing support staff and volunteers so classroom teachers can take advantage of this powerful teaching tool.

Core Values

The following core operating values influence the culture and public image of Granny’s Garden School as an effective community-based organization serving a wide variety of individuals and families.

  • We imagine the possibilities and overcome obstacles through creative thinking, determination and hard work to reach our goals. We believe in using whatever is at hand to help us accomplish our goals and get the maximum value from every resource. This means we seek donations of used items for a variety of purposes and have rescued many things from the trash.
  • We operate from a perspective of abundance and seek ways to share our surplus resources with other organizations, businesses and the community.
  • We value integrity in our programs and interactions with other people, organizations and each other.
  • We can be counted on to follow through. If the going gets tough, it may take longer than originally planned, but we will always deliver on our promise.
  • We believe in open communications with the individuals, organizations and businesses in the community we serve. We share our challenges and successes and ask for their feedback in everything we do.
  • We practice the highest level of integrity in its administrative, service, and outreach activities. We tie these activities directly to our mission, and maintain and report our records accurately.
  • We see ourselves as a part of the community and draw strength from the association.
  • We seek out opportunities to work with and support organizations and individuals who share common interests and are passionate about what they do.
  • We value people, organizations and businesses that go beyond “thinking outside of the box.”
  • We seek the innovative folks who can look at the box and see a table, seat, shelf or a garden.