How does Granny’s Garden School enhance your child’s education?

Each year Granny’s Garden provides well over 2000 Loveland students (and teachers) in 1st through 4th grade opportunities for hands-on learning, social interaction, teamwork, planning, experimenting, pride of ownership, and connections with the natural world that they otherwise wouldn’t get. Kyle Bush, Principal Loveland Early Childhood Center

Granny’s Garden School gives our students a unique opportunity to learn from hands-on experience and truly understand the importance of plants for all life. We appreciate the dedication of the Granny’s Garden School staff and volunteers who make this happen.” – Chad Hilliker, Superintendent, Loveland City School District.

As a second grade teacher, I am always looking for inquiry-based ways for my students to learn new things. I know that when they learn in this way it has a greater impact on them, far greater than reading facts in a text book. When my class plants and cares for vegetables in their garden, they will then eat those vegetables. They will also learn about that vegetables life cycle, the compost it’s grown in, and the insects found in the soil where it grows. Loveland students have a greater understanding of life science, and I know that is directly related to their experiences in the garden and on the trail. Brooke Hobson, 2nd grade teacher

So much of our science standards can be tied to the garden. What better experience can we provide than one that’s hands on and meaningful to help the kids learn and understand these concepts? …. In the fall, we explore the plants and animals in the garden and investigate the traits and adaptations that help them each to survive. The students learn about the parts of the plant and how each part is important to the plant’s survival. Melissa Pringer, 3rd grade teacher

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