Peppers to the cafeteria and carrots to take home.

We’re still trying to figure out how this new model is going to work.  It is cool to think the kids can grow carrots for the cafeteria, for example, but can the cafeteria use them.  The head cook graciously praised the carrots and thanked me for bringing them.  I later learned they can only use the carrots if we prewash them.  Ours are actual cooking kitchens but the cooks do not have time for extra chores, i.e. scrubbing carrots.

This week another class harvested peppers and carrots.  The peppers went to the cafeteria and carrots home with the kids.

We keep moving forward, slowly, but it would be great to have more parent volunteers to help the classes when they come out to participate in the gardens.  I am working with a few classes for the time being to map our new processes but would greatly appreciate more minds and hands to define our new model.  I hope more parents will step up and volunteer so we can involve more children.


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