“Each week, the kids get excited to push up their sleeves and learn about things like how to plant seeds/bulbs, how to harvest vegetables and where soil comes from.” Megan Little, 2nd grade teacher

Cutting Flowers for Bouquet on Wheels

Bouquets on Wheels – Second grade teacher Dede Gardis brings her class to the gardens to prepare fifty miniature bouquets that are inserted in florist water tubes to keep them fresh. The bouquets are then delivered along with Meals On Wheels

Adding to the Class Bouquet

Flower for Teacher . The day before school starts, Loveland’s first-fourth grade students come to school to meet their new teachers. They are welcomed back by the Police Chief and other city officials, giving them sunflowers picked from our gardens earlier that day, to give to their teachers.

Granny’s Harvest Celebration – 4th Sunday in September

Granny’s Harvest Celebration – It is a free, old fashioned, family, memory maker kind of event with lots of photo ops, so don’t forget your camera. Lots of fun games for young children. No tickets or prizes–just fun!

Grandparent’s Day because grandparents are important

Grandparent’s Day – 2nd Sunday in September – Grandchildren are invited to bring their grandparents, great grandparents and significant elders to Granny’s Gardens to pick a bouquet of flowers.

Harvest Lunch – Celebrating the Harvest

Harvest Lunch – Harvest Lunch Day is a celebration of student effort in their garden lessons and their work in planting and caring for the gardens. Students get to enjoy the produce from their gardens served in the cafeteria on the salad bar and oven-roasted.

In Granny’s Gardens, flowers are for picking

Sharing our Bounty of Flowers – Granny believes that “Flowers are for sharing.” On this page you will find information about some of the many ways we use our flower gardens in the Class Garden Program and to share with the community.