“The Garden Curriculum aligns well with the Ohio State/Loveland Curriculum Standards for 4th grade Life Science–specifically plants. The lessons/activities are well designed, promote critical thinking skills, and help students realize their critical role in the world around them.”  Brandi Carter, 4th grade teacher”

A second grade class creates 300-400 miniature bouquets each year.

Second grade teacher Dede Gardis brings her class to the gardens to prepare fifty miniature bouquets that are inserted in florist water tubes to keep them fresh. The bouquets are then delivered along with Meals On Wheels. Each child makes two bouquets and sometimes they draw pictures or write short notes on cards they make.


516-1-00-bouquets-prep-3500004The idea for Bouquets on Wheels came  from Granny’s experience with her own mother, Audra Ward, receiving  Meals on Wheels.  The Meals program helped her family to allow her then 90 year old mother, Audra, to remain in her own home. Granny planted a picking garden at her mother’s house so they could tend it together on her weekly visits. It became a part of their routine to pick flowers to deliver to the neighbors.

One day, they picked a bouquet for the volunteer who delivered her mother’s meals.  It occurred to Granny that it would be nice to be able to share the flowers with the other people he delivered meals to.  After that, each week they would prepare six bouquets for the people the volunteer delivered to after leaving Audra’s. When she started the school garden program, Granny initiated Bouquets on Wheels.  Audra moved in with Granny in 2010 at the age of 93. Audra passed away peacefully, surrounded by her family, November, 2011 at the age of 94.