We add a check mark to our success meter each time a child tries a pea, baby green bean or other vegetable and decides he likes it.

Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens and Nature Trail
Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens and Nature Trail

Schoolyard Nature Gardens – Granny’s Garden School turns school grounds into Schoolyard Nature Gardens which include flower and food gardens, gathering spaces and a nature trail.

Firemen picking flowers on September 11

Special Programs/Projects – The resources we develop for our Schoolyard Nature Garden programs (flower and vegetable gardens, nature trails) are not consumed by the program. We use the “leftovers” to create smaller programs and/or projects that support the main program.




Harvest vegetables for your family

Summer Harvesters – We have more than 100 vegetable gardens that are just beginning to produce when our students leave for the summer.  Join our Summer Harvester Program ($20 donation per bed) to harvest and maintain the gardens so they are ready when the students return in the fall.

grannys-kids-garden-club2Granny’s Kids Garden Club

The purpose of Granny’s Kids Garden Club is to encourage our students to share some of their school garden experience with their extended families.  It’s free but children must be registered.






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