A garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart. ~Author Unknown

2nd Sunday in September 1 – 5 p.m.

Grandchildren are invited to bring their grandparents, great grandparents and significant elders to Granny’s Gardens to pick a bouquet of flowers.

211-0-00-grandparents-day-compositeThe idea for Granny’s Garden School began in Granny’s backyard, where her grandchildren planted and harvested vegetables and were allowed to pick the flowers.

Her original goal in starting the garden program was to give other children the opportunity to pick flowers.

The grandchildren who inspired the program are now grown.  Fortunately, there is a young “group” now spending time in the gardens with Grandma.

The Grandma Suit

The Grandma Suit is cozy
With room for extra care.
And yes, it is a little wrinkled
With gray or graying hair.

It’s not a suit you go and buy.
Doesn’t come “one size fits all”
And you won’t find it at the store
Or hanging at the mall.

The Grandma suit is skinny
It’s fluffy, tall or short.
And it’s made just right for hugging
And games of every sort.

The Grandma Suit is softest
And it’s a perfect fit.
For lullabies and stories
Whenever Grandma sits.

So wash and wear that Grandma suit
In chocolate chips and love
And know that every grandchild is
A gift from God above.

by Mary Ellen Smith