We are blessed to have many wonderful businesses that show their support of our work by donating thousands of dollars of in-kind services and products.

175-0-00-Krismers-logoKrismer’s provides 200 tomato plants we give away to kids at our May plant sale each year and a flowering plant for each of the fourth graders who are graduating from our program. Al is also an active participant in our plant sale committee and is always donating extra plants for the gardens.
logo-eadsfenceco Eads Fence Company – provides thousands of dollars worth of temporary fencing for our plant sale each year and discounts for many of the 26 Eagle Scout projects that have been completed over the years.
 logo-haddixTree Service – Jeff Haddix has provided tons of wood chips for the Loveland School Gardens in the more than 12 years he has been supporting our program. You see evidence of his support on all of our garden paths and the nature trail. Thick layers of woodchips are our weapon against weedy, muddy paths.
logo-mccabe-lumbermccabe-do-itMcCabe Lumber & McCabe Do it Center – Our relationship with McCabe Lumber and Doit Centers have been instrumental in allowing us to frame all of our class garden beds with composite lumber made of recycled plastic. It will last more than 20 years but we could not use it without McCabe’s support because of its prohibitive cost.
logo-tanos-bistrologo-take-home-tano Tano’s Bistro & Catering & Take Home Tano – They are always there welcoming people to our plant sales and harvest celebrations with their delicious food and promoting Granny’s Garden School at both locations. They also help support the gardens financially.
 logo-hyperdriveHyperDrive – has supported Granny’s with thousands of dollars of marketing and website expertise plus representation on our board of directors for more than eight years.
 logo-funkePeople go to Funke Fired Arts to make creations from clay. Not all creations are appreciated by their creators. Each month we receive 20-30 orphaned pieces, most of which to our eyes are amazing. We use these for thanking staff and volunteers but most are sold filled with plants at our annual plant sale or, “Make a Donation & Pick-a-Pot!”.
 logo-larosaLaRosa’s – provides pizza for our plants sale volunteers during set up and both days of the event.
 logo-vegheadThe VegHead is another long-time supporter. They share food with customers at our annual plant sale and with visitors at the Harvest Celebration in the Fall. They sometimes make fresh produce from the gardens available for their customers to purchase and often us our produce to make “Granny Specials”.
 logo-jbm-packagingJBM Packaging is a new partner. They provided 2,000 coin envelopes for repackaging seeds for the kids to plant in the gardens.
 burtons-bamboo-gardensBurton’s Bamboo Provides cut bamboo for all of our needs. Watch for bamboo to be put to use in a variety of ways in the gardens and available at the plant sale.
logo-google-ad-wordsGoogle Adwords – We received an on-going grant from Google AdWords to help promote Granny’s Garden School, the work we do and support we offer to other programs.
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