“Volunteers are not paid. Not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” ~Sherry Anderson

Please contact me about volunteering.  

We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities seven days a week, February-November. There is an endless list of outdoor tasks to complete but we also have many projects to keep us busy on rainy days and during the winter.   You can volunteer in the gardens, in the office, virtually or take on special assignments.

To learn about current volunteer opportunities sign up for GrannyGrams, follow us on Facebook, Volunteer Match; students, also check – UGive and UC Center for Community Engagement.  You can also email Granny.

We Offer Volunteer Opportunities for:


With their lifetime of experiences and developing skills, retirees make some of the best volunteers.  We are able to work around their varying schedules.  Some of our retirees watch their grandchildren part time.  Some are traveling on and off throughout the year.  Some are gardeners who have downsized and no longer have a garden.  Some are in great shape who run marathons or go on week-long bike trips while others have challenges we can work around.  Helping in the gardens is a great way to keep yourself flexible and healthy.

We love it when individuals come to volunteer and make Granny’s Garden School their “volunteer home”.  We get to know them, they get to know us and our operations and become regular members of our team. Some prefer the gardens, some office and others do a variety of things.  i.e. Julie volunteered every morning in the office working with our administrative assistant while she searched for a new job.  During her time with us, she expanded her skills with Office Suite and learned new programs i.e. Constant Contact.

Ann and Carole help manage the perennial gardens.  Molly secures in-kind donations from local businesses, is part of our speakers’ bureau and helps with two of the garden classes. Alice rarely comes to the office but spends 4-5 hours each week offering research support with such projects as organizing our iris and dahlia collections, proofing documents and helping with WordPress. Nancy and Phyllis are willing to help out wherever they are needed, Sarah is videotaping classes and Martha is editing our videos.


The greatest things a family takes away from volunteering in the gardens are the memories of time and experiences shared.  It is best when a family can come multiple times throughout the year.  This allows children to establish a relationship with the gardens and to see the results of their efforts over time.   The garden is a wonderful place for sharing what’s on your mind or in your heart.


Corporate Groups
Volunteering in the gardens is a great opportunity for team building and  we are very adept at working with small and large groups. We have provided team building experiences for numerous small and large companies including Proctor & Gamble, Ethicon Endo Surgery, Inc., Duke Energy and U.S. Bank.


High school/College Students
Are you required to do community service to graduate, for a scholarship or for a class or club?  We have a variety of volunteer jobs available from March to Thanksgiving for students seeking community service hours.  We will work with you to find a volunteer activity that matches your interest and skills and works with your schedule. We are open for community service every Saturday and Sunday, March – November (9 a.m.-3 p.m.)and during the week for spring break.

Schools and Sports Teams

Is your school looking for community service opportunities where a number of classes or even a whole grade can work together? Granny’s Garden School can accommodate your small or large group and we can work within your schedule limitations.  Students will have the opportunity to be outdoors and learn a bit about nature while helping out in the community.

Scouts: Girl, Boy, Eagle and Cadette
Scouts have been an integral part of our programs since the organization was founded in 2002.  Granny’s Garden School welcomes Scout groups and their participation in our program. We have hosted boys and girls of all ages that are involved with Scouts, from Girl Scouts using the bridges in our gardens to bridge from Daisy to Brownies to the 26 Eagle Scout projects that are an important part of our program.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with these fine organizations in other endeavors. Volunteers-scouts-banner

With the internet age, almost any office work can be done virtually.  We have volunteers from around the country working with us at one time or another.  They have taken on a number of research projects, video editing, proofing, website development and other tasks including working with our database, spreadsheets and writing articles.  Volunteers-virtual

Volunteerism is an education to the volunteer.” Francie Schott Hiltz