“Granny’s Garden School is a special community treasure for Loveland and Pack & Troop 888 has embraced it for many years now. It is never a problem to get scouts to volunteer to help because they have taken part in it at school and enjoy doing their part in making it better and they feel good about their contributions to the program.” Brian Lively, Former Committee Chair for Troop 888


  • 2014 Jacob Korniak, learning center on the nature trail.
  • March, 2011 Matthew W. Bauer, built two storage units – one for bouquet supplies and one for our cooking supplies.


  • September, 2010 Adam Francisco, Troop 243, refitted the inside of our educational barn and created new shelving in the “corral” to store our recycled pots.


  • 2010, Griffin Hodges – troop 888 built a brick path in the perennial gardens.
  • August, 2010 Jon Hoge – Troop 617 – installed an apple orchard and protected it all around with a board fence augmented with a deer fence.
  • July, 2010 Alex Bryant, Troop 888, reinstalled framework on the gardens on the primary playground and built deer protectors for three of the gardens.
  • September, 2009 Andrew Cooman built a gate for a large opening in front of the arbor in the Hill Gardens – so we can keep the deer out and added benches to the learning center.
  • June, 2009, Tyler Hunt, Troop 621, built storage units for our tools.
  • May, 2009, CJ Treiss, Troop 888, build two cold frames in the Hill Gardens.


    • May, 2009, Evan Lively, Troop 888, built a large bridge across a gully and created a new branch to the nature trail.[end-indent]

“Since I have been in Boy Scouts, I have worked on a number of Eagle projects and this was fun and rewarding to help Granny and a friend at the same time. It was kind of cool to do some work and then go out and see it when I was in LES. Even today going by the school, I see some of those projects and remember working on them.” Evan Lively, student, Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout [start-indent]

  • Spring 2009, Alex Koth build a movable learning center with a table and four benches.



  • August, 2008 Matthew Belcik, Troop 621, built a pergola by the barn in the front courtyard.  Spring, 2010: Jacob Belcik – Troop 621, built a table and benches under the arbor his brother Matthew built earlier.


  • September, 2008, Matt Bryant built a fence around the hill gardens.

September, 2008, Nicholas McGee – built an arbor over the learning center built winter 2006, by Craig Bergman.
Spring 2006, Rob Tedford built an arbor and benches in the perennial gardens.

volunteers-scouts-Eagle-rasmaussenSpring 2006, Nathan Rasmussen built 36 new garden boxes – Troop 888.
Spring 2006 Zach Burton built benches for and resided the bird blinds on the trail.
Summer 2006, Greg Davis built a learning center in the gardens on the primary school playground.

Fall 2006 Michael Gruber continued the development of the nature trail with a 2nd bridge and boardwalk that greatly improved access from the west end of the trail.


Summer, 2005 Adam Gordon built a learning center with table and benches for students to use in the back courtyard. eagle-IMG_0479-2

Spring 2005, Ryan Tedford built the Sunflower Learning Center as his Eagle Scout project.

March, 2005 – Ryan Dees – Troop 888 – built a three section composter and teaching area to complete our compost learning center.
Life Scout Thomas Deardon continued the work on our nature trail. Summer, 2004, he built a bird blind, steps up a steep grade and mulched the whole trail.
Summer, 2004 – life Scout, Steve Bangs built a bridge over the gully along the Granny’s Garden School Trail Project for his Eagle Scout project.

Spring, 2003 – life Scout David Neff – Troop 888 – with then mayor Donna Lajcak. David designed and built our first learning center & laid out the herb gardens.