We harvested carrots this week.

Charlotte is a two-fisted carrot eater. 

Mrs. Hobson’s 2nd-grade class came to help harvest carrots this week.  Each student took time to examine and smell samples of carrot leaves before heading out to the locate them in the gardens.

After harvesting, students removed soil and twisted the tops off of the carrots.  From this day forward, they will be able to identify carrot plants by smell alone.  We delivered two five gallon containers of carrots to the elementary school cafeteria.

Next week, they’re harvesting more green peppers, green beans, and more carrots. You are invited to get involved helping teachers get their students involved.  They say their greatest need is someone to take care of setting up before class and cleaning up afterward.  Email Granny – Roberta@grannysgardenschool.org to find out more about how you can help.

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